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The land of 52 vibrant cultures and natural splendor is not all. Vietnam experienced over 1000 year wars with Chinese,Japanese, French and American. This created Vietnam in a unique blend of the East and the West with so many sensual impressions.
Searching some where for a journey of lifetime including compelling history, charming cultures, and stunning nature takes you a lot of time. No worry! Cat Ba Vietnam Travel  serves you all. From the fascinating mountainous Sapa in the Northwest to the magical Halong bay among the new Seven Natural Wonders of the World in the East. From historical Hanoi to Cuchi tunnels at recent time of war again American. From the beautiful central coastline to the lush fertile Mekong delta. Vietnam offers you amazing and exciting experience on travel including hiking, biking, kayaking, cruising, fishing, rafting, camping, snorking, scuba diving....

Vietnam At Glance
General information
Area: 321 688 sqkm
Capital: Hanoi - from 1010 upto now
Population: 97 Millions
Peoples: 52 groups
Religion: Buddhism, Taoism, Catholic, Holy mothergodess.....
Local time
Time zone: GMT + 7:00 Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta
The climate in Vietnam is very diverse because it covers a wide range of latitudes and altitudes. South Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate with dry and wet seasons - temperature from 22 - 34oC. North Vietnam has four seasons with temperature from 10 - 37oC.
Money & Exchange
Vietnamese money: Dong(VND)
1USD = 21.000 Dong(a little more or less)
Cash dollars in good condition(Vietnamese banks do not take paper dollars in poor conditon) are accepted in most places, so small amount is good to carry. There are so many ATMs in the cities, near big hotels and tourism destinations for taking Vietnamese Dong(VND) from your Visa, Master cards.
Electricity supply
220V, 50Hz/110V, 50Hz
Tipping is appreciated with 5 - 10% for a meal in agood restautant. Look at your bill carefully because some restaurants add 5% service charge on your bill. No tip in this case. You also have other chances to tip tourism workers who serve you excellent services like drivers, tour guides.
Public Holidays
Tet festival is the biggest and most important one for Vietnamese people. It does not matter whether people are rich or poor. Their houses are beautifully decorated at this time with full of food and flowers. It usually starts in the end of January or beginning of February. Most shops and restaurants are closed.
• 10 March - lunar month is delicated to the death of Hung king.
• 30 April - reunification day of the North and South Vietnam(1975).
• 1 May - Labour day.
• 15 Ausgust(moon calander) - Full moon festival, a festival of family union and children are focused.
• 2 September - National day.
Country code is +84
Hanoi code: 04
Hue code: 054
Danang code: 0511
Nhatrang code: 058
Phanthiet code:062
Saigon code:08
Phu Quoc code: 077
Internet is widely used in Vietnam and wifi is free at most hotels and cafes.
There are 52 groups of people living in Vietnam. The King or Viet takes 84% of the whole population and the rest belongs to 51 ethnic groups. Different groups have their own languages and cultures. However, they speak Vietnamese offical language based on A, B, C.. anphabets.
Vietnam Travel Guide
Located on Indochina penisula in Southesat Asia, Vietnam shares borders to the North with China, to the West with Laos and Cambodia, to the East with 3360 km of dramatic coastlines. The size of Vietnam is as big as New Mexico or Italy. With 1670 km flight from North to South,Vietnam is devided into 3 main geographic regions: Tropical South - dominated by famous Mekong river delta, the dry central region and the more temperate North with Red river delta and famous mountainous terraced rice fields.
Best time to travel Vietnam
+ North Vietnam has four seasons: Summer, Autumn, Winter and spring. The summer is from April to July with temperature from 22oC to 34oC. It is sometimes hot and chilly. It is also rainny season, but the rain often happens in the afternoon for 15minute to haft an hour. If the heat does not matter you, this is the best time to see Vietnam with blue sky. The autumn is the best time to see Vietnam from August to October. The temperature is about 22C. It is good for everyone. The winter is from Novermber to Feb. The temperature is about 11oC to 19oC. Somtimes it is really cold. The spring is from Feb to April. The temperature is about 22C.
+ Central Vietnam: The climate is the combination of the North and the South. The rainy season starts from Septeber to December wirh more rain in Nov and Decsember. It is often hit by typhoons with heavy downpours in Oct and Nov. Summer time from May to July is sometimes very hot here.
+ South Vietnam: The temperature is constant all year round in the South from 23oC - 38oC. There are 2seasons: Dry one from Novermber to April and wet season from May to October.
Vietnam supports adherents of all the world religions such as Buddhism, Catholic, Taoism, Confucianism, Islam, Hinduism, Cao Dai and Hoa Hao. The ancestor worhsip is practised by everyone including catholic followers. Buddhism is the biggest religion and followed by Catholic(9.5 million followers)... The most amazing is that there is no fighting among them. Many temples and pogadas have 2, 3, 4 religions living in harmony together. Our tour guides will show you.
With 1000 year under Chinese domination, ancient Vietnamese written language got lost and no one can use it nowadays. It is still mysterious to researchers and scientists to understand Vietnamese ancient writings. Han language was offically used under domination time and Nom scripts(based on Chinese scripts) was born in 13th century and they were used together until 1945. Vietnamese language - Quoc Ngu is based on A,B,C anphabet. while spoken widely by Vietnamese people for centuries, it did not become offical language until 1946. Quoc Ngu's foundation was set up by Alexader de Rhodes, a French missionary. Quoc Ngu incorporates a system of diacritical mark to indicate the tones as well as modified vowels. Therefore, many words have six different meanings based on six different tones.
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