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Hạ Long Bay  is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and popular travel destination in the north of Vietnam. The bay features thousands of limestone karsts and islets in various shapes and sizes. If you go to Vietnam, you gotta go to Ha Long Bay.

 With a single tour, we cannot explore all the parts of Halong bay. But with The Halong Hideaway tour, we can pay a visit to the best and untouched parts of the bay. We offer this tour right here in Central backpackers hostel.

 Based on the pristine area of the bay, the Halong Hideaway Tour  provides you such amazing and unforgettable experiences that you would not get elsewhere. No words can describe the beautiful scenery.

 When your feet touch on our private island, you will be getting lost in a different world that you could never imagine. A world of pristine beaches, lush green scenery and mountaintop views of the whole bay.

 We not only provide you the “fun tour” but also  various knowledges of the local life.

 Our  all-day cruise is the best way to explore the immense bluff of the karst peaks of the bay and the local life. From the boat you will be taken on kayak , cycling and trekking tours…

Once you are on the trip with Halong Hideaway ... You won't regret it!!!

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